Feb 15, 2017

L02G10 A/V/N-(으)ㄴ/는데도 grammar = although..., despite..., but ~emphasize a contrast

L02G10 A/V/N-(으)ㄴ/는데도 grammar = although..., despite..., ….but…

Usage :
  • Equal to -(으)ㄴ/는데 (describes discussed situation) + -아/어도 (indicates contrast).
  • Introduce an opposite situation in the 2nd clause compared to the 1st clause.
  • The phrase 불구하고 can be added after -(으)ㄴ/는데도 to further emphasize contrast.
Tense :

Adjective :
  • 과거 : -았/었는데도
  • 현재 : -(으)ㄴ데도
Verb :
  • 과거 : -았/었는데도
  • 현재 : -는데도
Noun :
  • 과거 : 였는데도
  • 현대 : 인데도

Examples :

1. 여보, 입을 옷이 하나도 없어서 몇 벌 사야겠어요.
  • 옷장에 옷이 이렇게 많은데도 또 옷을 산다고?
Dear, I am out of clothes, so I shall buy some more.
  • Although you have a lot of clothes in the closet, you want to buy more?

2. 얼굴이 피곤해 보이네요. 어제 잠을 못 잤어요?
  • 어제 푹 잤는데도 오늘 많이 피곤하네요.
You look tired. Couldn't you sleep last night?
  • Although I got a good sleep, I am really tired today.

3. 친구는 월급이 많은데도 회사를 그만두고 싶어해요.
Despite getting a good salary, my friend wants to quit his job.

4. 아침에 청소를 했는데도 집에 먼지가 많아요.
Although I cleaned my house in the morning,  there is still a lot of dust.

5. 주말은데도 백화점이 한가하네요.
Although it is weekend, the department store is not busy.

6. 바쁘신데도 불구하고 와 주셔서 감사합니다.
Thank you for coming despite being very busy.

7. 한국에 오래 살았는데도 한국어를 잘 못해요.
Although I have lived in Korea long, I can't speak Korean well.

8. 공부를 하지 않았는데도 성적이 좋아요.
Although I didn't study, I get good grade.

9. 제가 힘들게 집안일을 하고 있는데도 남편은 신문만 보잖아요.
Although I am doing housework hardly, my husband just read newspapers.

10. 계속 잤는데도 감기가 낫지 않아요.
Even though I keep sleeping, the cold is not getting better.
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