Feb 21, 2017

L2G12 A/V/N-잖아요 grammar = as you know/ recall...~remind something that listener forgot/unaware or scold for not following advice

L2G12 A/V/N-잖아요 grammar = as you know..., you might recall that..., didn’t I told that….

  • 1st: State a reason that the listener should be aware of OR remind of something that the listener has apparently forgotten.
  • 2nd: Scold or rebuke the listener for not following an advice OR for allowing something bad to happen after being warned.
  • Only used in casual speaking form (NOT in formal speaking or written form).

Tense :

Adjectives/ Verbs
  • 과거 : -았/었잖아요
  • 현재 : -잖아요
  • 미래 : -(으)ㄹ 거잖아요.
  • 과거 : 였짆아요.
  • 현재 : (이)잖아요.

Examples :

1. 저 가수가 왜 좋아해요?
  • 노래도 잘하고 멋있잖아요.
Why do you like that singer?
  • He sings well and (as you know) is handsome too.

2. 마리 씨가 일본어를 정말 잘하네요.
  • 마리 씨는 일본에서 공부했잖아요. 지난번에 마리 씨가 말했는데 생각 안나요?
Mary is really good at Japanese.
  • (As you know) Mary studied in Japan. Don't you remember that she told us last time (we met).

3. 이번에도 안나 씨가 1등을 하네요.
  • 안나 씨는 항상 열심히 공부하잖아요.
Anna got the 1st place again this time.
  • (As you know) Anna always studied hard.

4. 마리 씨가 집에 온다고 해서 딸기를 좀 샀어요.
  • 마리 씨는 딸기 알레르기가 있잖아요.
  • 아, 그랬죠? 깜빡했네요.
Mary said she will visit our home, so I bought some strawberries.
  • (You might recall that she is allergic to strawberries.
  • Oh, really? I totally forgot that.

5. 엄마, 어떻게 해요? 학교에 눚겠어요.
  • 그래서 어제 일찍 자라고 했잖아.
Mom, what should I do? I am going to be late for school
  • Didn't I told you to go sleeping early last night.

6. 그 남자가 알고 보니 정말 나쁜 사람이었어요.
  • 그러 보자. 내가 뭐라고 했어. 그 사람 나쁜 사람 같다고 했잖아요.
Once I got to know him, I realized that he was really a bad person.
  • Look. What I did tell you. Didn't I told that he seemed to be a bad person.

7. 시험에 떨어졌어요.
  • 그래서 제가 뭐라고 했어요? 평소에 열심히 공부하고 했잖아요.
I failed the exam.
  • Now what did I tell you. Didn't I always told you to study hard.

8. 주말에 남이섬에 갔다 올래요?
  • 남이섬은 너무 멀잖아요. 가까운 데로 가면 좋겠어요.
Shall we go to Nami island in the weekend?
  • (As you know) it is very far. It is better to go a near place.

9. 점심에 같이 김치찌개를 먹을까요?
  • 밍 씨는 매운 음식을 못 먹잖아요. 맵지 않은 음식을 먹는 게 좋겠어요.
Shall we eat Kimchi stew at launch?
  • As you know Minh can't eat spicy food. It is better to eat a non-spicy food.

10. 오늘 앤디 씨가 귀국하네요.
  • 어제 말했잖아요.
Andy returns his country.
  • Didn't I told you yesterday. (Don’t you remember).
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