Apr 13, 2017

L2G30 V-아/어지다 grammar = to get V-ed…~ another passive form

L2G30 V-아/어지다 grammar = to get V-ed…~ another passive form

  • To get V-ed
  • 과거 : 아/어졌어요
  • 형재 : 아/어지다
  • 미래 : 아/어질 거예요

1. 우리 반 친구들하고 언제 식사할까요?
  • 저는 아무 때나 괜찮아요. 약속이 정해지면 알려 주세요.
When shall we eat with our classmates?
  • Anytime is fine with me. Please let me know when it gets decided.
2. 왜 그렇게 힘들게 쓰고 있어요?
  • 볼펜이 안 좋은 것 같아요. 글씨가 잘 안 써져요.
Why do you look so hard on writing?
  • I think there is a problem with my pen. It doesn’t write well.

3. 텔레비전이 안 켜져요. 고장이 난 것 같아요.
My TV doesn’t turn on. It seems broken.

4. 커피가 다 쏟아져서 내 옷에 얼룩이 생겼어요.
The coffee spilled out, so my clothes got stained.

5. 누가 유리창을 깼어요?
  • 잘 모르겠어요. 아침에 보니까 깨져 있었어요.
Who did the window glass get broken?
  • I don’t know. It was broken since I saw in the morning.
6.  날씨가 너무 추우니까 빨리 봄이 오면 좋겠어요.
  • 저도 봄이 기다려져요. 봄이 되면 예쁜 꽃도 보고 싶어요.
It will be better when the spring comes since the weather is really cold (now).
  • I also wait for spring. When it is spring, I want to see beautiful flowers.
7.  왜 자꾸 다시 물어봐요?
  • 수미 씨가 결혼한다는 사실이 안 믿어져요.
Why do you keep asking me again?
  • I can’t believe the fact that Sumi is getting married.
8. 마크가 스크립트에 써졌어요./쓰였어요.
The script was written by Mark.

9. 아까 방 불이 다 꺼졌어요.
All the room lights were turned off a while ago.

10. 다행히 내 휴대폰이 무료로 고쳐졌어요
Luckily, my phone was fixed freely.

Specific usage:
1. Active and passive form conversion
Active: 접시를 깼어요. --I broke the disk
Passive: 접시가 깨졌어요. -- The disk was broken.

2. In recent years, -이/히/리/기- passive verbs can also be used in form of -아/어지다
E.g. 전화가 끊겼어요. OR 전화가 끊어졌어요. -- The phone call was ended.

3. A-아/어지다 = to get/become A ~ express a change in state, while V-아/어지다 grammar = to get V-ed
요즘은 물건 값이 비싸졌어요 -- The expense cost has recently become expensive.
미나 씨가 정말 예뻐졌어요. -- Mina has really become pretty.
날씨는 주말에 추워졌어요.  -- The weather got cold over the weekend
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