May 2, 2017

L2G37 A/V/N-(으)ㄴ/는 데다가 grammar = additionally.../not only…but also….

L2G37 A/V/N-(으)ㄴ/는 데다가 grammar = additionally..../not only…but also….

  • Not only …. but also…
  • Additionally…
  • -(으)ㄴ/는 데다가 is interchangeable with -(으)ㄹ 뿐만 아니라

  • A-(으)ㄴ 데다가
  • 과거 : V-(으)ㄴ 데다가
  • 현재 : V-는 데다가
  • N인 데다가
1. 여행 어땠어?
  • 날씨가 쌀쌀한 데다가 비까지 많이 와서 호텔에만 있어서 재미없었어.
How was the trip?
  • The weather was not only chilly, but also raining a lot, so I was bored just staying inside the hotel.
2. 왜 그렇게 전화를 한참 동안 안 받아요?
  • 요리하는 데다가 갑자기 누가 찾아와서 못 받았어요.
Why did it take you so long to pick up the phone?
  • I was cooking, and moreover, I had a visitor, so I couldn’t answer the phone.
3. 그 백화점은 값이 비싼 데다가 질도 별로 안 좋아서 저는 거의 안 가요.
The prices at that department store are not only high, but the quality is also not very good, so I rarely go there.
4. 이 생선이 뼈가 많이 없는 데다가 살도 부드러워서 아이들이 먹기에 좋아요.
This fish doesn’t have many bones, and also, it is tender, so kids like it.
5. 어젯밤에 잠을 못 잔 데다가 요즘 일도 많아서 너무 피곤해요.
I couldn’t sleep at night yesterday, and also, I have got so much work these days, so I’m really tired.
6.  홈쇼핑이 편한 데다가 가격도 싸서 자주 주문하게 돼요.
Home-shopping is convenient, and also, the price is cheap, so I order often.
7. 열이 나는 데다가 기침도 많이 나서 힘들어요.
I have a fever, and also coughing, so I am really exhausted.
8. 눈이 많이 오는 데다가 길까지 얼어서 미끄러워요.
It is snowing a lot, and moreover, the road is also freezing, so it is slippery.
9. 바지가 길은 데다가 신발도 높아서 걷기가 너무 힘들어요.
The skirt is not only long, but the shoes are also high, so it is so difficult to walk.
10. 1 등을 한 데다가 용돈도 받아서 한턱내려고요.
I get the 1st place and also have some allowance,  so I will treat you.

Specific usage :
1. N에다가 = (1) ...and… / (2) ...on/at (location in which something is done or placed.)
E.g: 요즘 집안일에다가 화사 일끼지 겹쳐서 힘들어 죽겠어요. -- These days I am so busy due to the housework and company work.

E.g: 이 종이에다가 이름과 이메일 주소를 써 주시기 바랍니다. -- Please write your name and email on this paper.
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