Feb 24, 2018

Seoul Korean Level 4 Textbook PDF Ebook+Audio ebook

서울대 한국어 Seoul Korean Level 4 textbook features:
- Consist of 35 lessons, each of which comprises a main text followed by grammar and vocabulary, and exercise sections.
- This book introduces around 1,000 vocabulary items, which are listed at the end of each lesson in both Korean and English.
- If the Korean explanation is too complicated, then only English meaning is given.
- The grammar and vocabulary section hightlights the key grammartical structures and expressions in each lesson.
- Exercise section encourages students to apply the language they have learned in a range of activities.

You may get a free copy at: Seoul Korean Level 4 Textbook PDF Ebook+Audio ebook

Learn the coursebook Online 4 Free at Korean 4 Topik Level 4

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