About Korean 4 Topik


Welcome to Seoul Korean 4 Topik Test - K4T!

This website was created with the purpose to improve Korean listening skill for English-speaking Korean learners from beginner to advancer. Here you can study by yourself or along with the Korean class at school/ university. The course materials were imported from Seoul Korean books. K4T is not the owner of the audio files, however we try to extract the best things from the books, and put them here free-to-use for everyone, including you. Hope you have good time with K4T.

Each unit in K4T has 4 parts: main dialogue, vocabulary, grammars, and dialogue translation. Along with listening, we also include grammars and common expressions (idoms) in order for you to fully understand each lesson. At the end of each main dialogue, there is a translation section. When you get used to Korean Topik, you can try to start speaking in front of a mirror, or with your friends, or repeat the listened dialogues. You can also improve your Korean writing by listening to the audio and try to write down the transcript at the same time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to make comments at the corresponding lesson or our facebook page. Thank you.